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  • Logo Design

  • Custom Artwork

  • Animations

  • Drop-Down Menus

  • Rollovers / Mouseovers

  • Search Engine Assistance

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 Services include:
  • Helping you outline and organize the material you want to place on your web site (start with your print advertising, brochures, logo, company history and inventory of your products and services)
  • Registering your very own domain name (www.yourcompany.com)
  • Assisting you in finding a reliable and affordable Web hosting service (where your web site lives)
  • Designing your web site so it is attractive, loads quickly, and is easy to use (from scratch or we can improve your current site)
  • Promoting your web site (through traditional advertising methods, search engines, and keywords)

Don't pay extra for bells and whistles. My hourly fee is just $38.50 per hour, well below the industry average. Get a visually pleasing site that is well organized and loads quickly at a reasonable price.

It is difficult to give estimates because everyone's web site is different. If you don't have a web site, we will design one for you, then we'll create the custom images necessary to put your brand on the World Wide Web. We realize most people are working within a budget. We will design your site to work with the budget you have available. By starting with a home page, we get your presence online, then we can build your site and add to it. There are no minimum web design fees or monthly fees - I only bill you for work performed.

Many people ask a friend or relative to design a web site for them. After all, it's just a simple software program - right? But, time and again, you will see a site that has images that are too large, resulting in slow download time. Visitors to your site will click off and move to another site when that happens. Or, the artwork is simply clipart and not professional - will your customers put their trust in your product or service when they see clipart and annoying animations all over your pages? Is your contact information on EVERY page - many times with poorly designed sites, it is amazing that visitors must hunt for ways to contact you. Is your site easy to navigate? Or, do you come to an opening page only to have to "click to enter." Why?? You don't want to add clicks to get to your window to the world. Tell people right away why you have a web site and what you can do for them.

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